DIC Digital Color Guide

DIC Digital Color GuideDIC Digital Color Guide

The DIC Digital Color Guide (*1) is a digital app version of the DIC Color Guide, a color sample book that boasts a 90% share of the Japanese market. The app provides color information for the entire Color Guide series, as well as color names and their origins for the Traditional Color series. When searching for a color, you can find colors that are close to a specified color number, search by keyword, and even display the color number in the color guide for a given point in a digital image. Since its release in 2010, the Digital Color Guide has been downloaded approximately 950,000 times worldwide. It is used mainly in the printing and publishing, clothing and apparel, and construction industries, as well as in design schools.
In the 2023 redesign, in addition to conventional usage, many features were updated, including an “embossing simulation feature” that allows the user to confirm surface texture, and a “calibration (adjustment) feature” that allows the user to confirm colors under a standard light source. Accordingly, some features, such as the color search, were changed to paid services.

(*1) DIC Digital Color Guide and DIC Digital COLOR GUIDE are registered trademarks of DIC Corporation.

  • Photo calibration feature renewal

  • Color search engine update

  • DIC Color Guide database update

  • Are you having issues like these when communicating about color?

  • With the Digital Color Guide,
    you can communicate smoothly from anywhere in just three minutes!

The Digital Color Guide has been developed as a color communication tool

*The photography and calibration features are paid features. Calibration cards must also be purchased separately.


Recommended OS: iPhone iOS 15.0 or later, iPad iPadOS 15.5 or later
Recommended models: iPhone 7 Plus or later, iPad Air (3rd generation) or later
(Some colors may not be displayed at high resolution on models that do not support DisplayP3.)

Note: In the new version of the DIC Digital Color Guide, some features (search and camera) will be available for a fee.
If auto-update is enabled, the app will be automatically updated to the new version.
Automatic updates of apps can be toggled by going to “Settings > App Store > App Updates” on your iPhone or iPad.

Features of the DIC Digital Color Guide

Texture display

Texture display

New feature
The embossing simulation feature (new feature) and base material selection make it easy to confirm the final finished image.

Texture display
Color stock

Color stock

Stock your favorite colors to create your own original color palette.

Color stock
Using and sharing color information

Using and sharing color information

Send color information via email and use it in Adobe software.
Easily share color information by emailing it to the relevant people.

Using and sharing color information
Viewing color information

Viewing color information

Information on ink formulation and color values (sRGB, AdobeRGB, CMYK, etc.) can be viewed. The Traditional Color series also includes color names and their origins.

Viewing color information
Color Search

Color Search

Search by color value (RGB, CMYK, Munsell) and keyword is available.

*Paid services

Color Search
Searching for colors from photos

Searching for colors from photos

Select any area of a photo image to confirm its approximate color guide colors.

New feature
The calibration feature (new feature) enables color confirmation under standard light sources regardless of the shooting environment, both indoors and outdoors.

*Paid services

Searching for colors from photos

Achieve conversion to the same color regardless of shooting location!

Color conversion to a standard light source (D50) by photographing a calibration card

  • Using calibration to convert colors under any light source to those under a standard light source, makes it possible to review the colors under the same light source.
  • AR marker location detection improves the detection accuracy of calibration cards.
  • The calibration card is photographed first. In the photographs taken after this, the images will be properly corrected.
  • The DIC Color Guide can be searched from the colors in the corrected photos.
  • Calibration cards must be purchased separately.
Calibration cards can be purchased from our online store shop

* This calibration card is available only in Japan at this moment. Oversea shipping is now in preparation.

Precautions for use

Calibration cards should be used in bright locations where general photography is possible.
(Office: approx. 700 lux 10 AM on a sunny day: approx. 65,000 lux).
When photographing a calibration card, make sure that the light does not reflect off the card or cast shadows.
Calibration may not always work properly.

Achieve more vivid colors!

Apple devices such as the 2016 iPhone 7 and the iPad Pro/Air (3rd generation or later) and mini (5th generation or later) are equipped with a Display P3 compatible display.
The Display P3 covers all the color space in sRGB, and includes a color space 35% larger than sRGB, The color gamut is close to that of AdobeRGB.
At this time, the best device for displaying colors in the color sample book is the iPhone.

*AdobeRGB: RGB color space defined by Adobe (Adobe Systems).
The entire sRGB color space is included, allowing for more vivid expression.
An AdobeRGB compatible monitor is required. It is mainly used for DTP, etc.
*sRGB: A general-purpose RGB color space that is also compatible with general PC monitors, Android devices, cameras, and printers.

User Manual


Information Display

Display information for each color

  • Color information (description, systematic name)
  • Color values (RGB/Lab/CMYK, etc.)
  • Ink formulation values
  • In the Traditional Color series, the origin of the color

Texture Display

  • Confirm colors with texture
  • Simulate color display for various printing methods and media, such as cardboard, PET sheets, metal plates, and film

Texture Display (with embossing)

  • Simulate embossing for selected printing methods and media

Color Search (numerical)

  • Search for the closest color in the color guide by color value (RGB/CMYK/Munsell)
  • Search for the corresponding color in the color guide by DIC color guide number
  • Search for colors in the color guide with color origins containing specified words

Color Search (image)

  • Search for the closest color in the color guide based on the color of the selected area of a photo

Calibration feature

  • Convert colors from ambient light at the time of shooting to a standard light source (D50) by photographing a calibration card

*Available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac only.

Trial Period

The DIC Color Guide color search, review, and calibration features are
available for one month with a free trial.

*Calibration cards must be purchased separately.

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